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Trevor Lowthers on himself, travel, and his images.

     I was born on the East Coast of Canada in 1971 and pretty much won the lottery of life. Growing up in a small university town, I had the beautiful ability to be immersed in a seldom seen dichotomy of lifestyles. Surrounded by wilderness and ocean, there was ample exploring for a kid to do in any direction. I knew the fisherman and farmers who took their sons to our early morning hockey practices. There were also the academics that the university employed who saw themselves a bit more highbrow, but appreciated this near utopia with equal fervor. It was a unique and diverse mingling of practicality and liberal ideals all under the moral protection/scrutiny of our Roman Catholic diocese. Everybody in my town would have made a great character in a Murder She Wrote episode.

     I learned early on that observation and understanding could bridge the gaps between the small differences that people seemed to think were so big. I hitchhiked across Canada coast to coast when I was 19 on my way to New Zealand and my true love presented herself to me – travel. My other true love, my wife Raissa, was a few years later in university while completing a Degree in Arts. Together we took on the world as we found a lifestyle in which we worked hard and traveled hard. Trust me when I tell you that I’ve earned my passport stamps. To date I have spent years travelling through over sixty countries… all with my wife by my side! There have been a few trials and tribulations, but no regrets. I may have had a small tear in my eye on a recent excursion in Myanmar when our plans went sideways and Raissa simply said, “It doesn't matter. I’m always home when I’m with you.”

     On travel, the single biggest lesson I’ve learned is that people who don’t travel think that everybody is so different whereas the people who do travel know that everybody is the same.

     A great image is a conveyance of emotion that is seen and felt almost simultaneously. However, because feelings have a comfort zone that are judged by a sense of idealism and morality, there must be some diplomacy while creating a great image. I strive to generate that impact, but in a world that is inundated with images, the awe boundary is continually getting pushed. That’s exciting for both photographers and admirers. I concentrate on the unique moments that I hope push this envelope and evoke responses that are felt by the intrinsic you.

     My images have provenance and I love speaking about them. From hiding in the mountains of Jordan from the Bedouin Mob to get the perfect shot of Petra at night  to closing off a private parking lot near  Cape Cod to protect a Piping Plover nest (true stories), I think it should be obvious from a photograph if the person is a good story teller. If you don’t wonder about the “behind the scenes” aspect of what you are looking at, the image is likely not for you. While it’s hard for me to judge myself on this ability, I know that when surrounded by people, I’m usually talking and people are listening or laughing.  If you see one of my images and you instantly visualize it above your mantle or in your office or in an advertisement – then let’s talk.

     My sales model is a bit different. It's exclusive because I don't mass produce my images.  My pricing is for the entirety of the image! You get the copyright and the original RAW file and the JPEGs that you see on the site. We can work on the colors to create black and white or to highlight or crop. With the RAW file you can change the entire background if you desire for commercial purposes in an advertisement or merchandise. It’s yours so you could actually sell individual prints if you desire to recapture your investment. As with most discerning collectors, you may just want to know that you have the only image ever created that you purchased. $... USD per image is my price.

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