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Board Members Wanted

     Time to announce a new project that has moved into the “Just Do IT” phase. Has that been used before? I’m starting a nonprofit charity for writers who are passionate about protecting the environment, habitat and animals on this wonderful planet of ours. Now writers have an opportunity to have their work published and make a valuable contribution to the welfare of animals in one step. It’s not easy to effectively use your time in an effort that feels like it has impact. By working on a novel or short stories from the comfort of your own space, you can be helping a charity of your choice with the donation of your well written venture. Literary PAWS   will edit, market and publish the work on Amazon if it meets the criteria set forth for this new enterprise. The money generated from the sale of the literature will be directed back into worldwide charities that best exemplify the message of the work. Ecopreneurs put the planet before profit.

     The name is Literary PAWS – Protecting Animals Worldwide Society. When forming a nonprofit society, several obligations must be met legally - the first being a Board of Directors. I am looking for three people to join the board from the beginning and help to make the project flourish. The goal is to be sustainable without the need to get charitable donations.  The board will be similar to a fundraising board, but the objectives will be to raise awareness and increase exposure rather than to raise funds. Building a dynamic website and marketing the project will be the first priorities. Board members with a background in marketing, communications, or influencing, as well as a passion for the initiative and willingness to deliver a strong and sustainable message are welcome to apply.

     Volunteers without a board concern may also add incredible value if that is of interest. Media builders and people who want to screen potential writing will be welcome. Editing is a tireless job that requires a lot of time and attention to detail. The more publications we create, the greater our economic potential, but I will not be sacrificing quality as we build a viable brand.

     The idea came after my own attempts to find literary agent representation or a publishing company willing to take a chance on my writing. It is a very, very tough thing to accomplish. That doesn't mean you should give up. I have my own novel written and ready to be the very first Literary PAWS Selection. The novel takes place all over the world, but with special attention to Balule, a park in South Africa that is home to The Black Mambas. They are the first all-female antipoaching unit in the world and their founder, Craig Spencer, has allowed me to use his character in the novel. I have volunteered with them in the past and my proceeds will go to the Mambas to help with the efforts to keep the remaining rhinos safe in their natural habitat.

     That is just an example of a project I would like Literary PAWS to help with. There are great writers out there who are in a very difficult world when it comes to getting published, but the animals have it much worse. Let’s save two birds with one stone.

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