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Hello. This is where the rubber meets the road for the NFT CHALLENGE. 

       The NFT CHALLENGE changes everything. It’s got a directive that helps to take the place of speculation. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but with only one simple rule to follow, things couldn’t get much easier. Relist for twice the amount you paid. If you decide to buy a Double Down NFT, it’s 100% yours to do with as you see fit. Hold it as a collectible if you desire, but its utility comes from flipping it faster than a burning pancake at twice the price. My goal is to add absolute transparency to the NFT. It comes with a 2X expectation and I think people will line up to get in on a chance for that opportunity. It starts small and covers the people with more modest amounts to invest. As it flips, it gets into the range of those with more capital until it is a thing for the uber rich to contemplate.

       This NFT CHALLENGE is new to everyone, so who knows where or if it will end. Be part of the future of investing. Your parents never had this opportunity. So welcome to the show. I’ll let you guys pontificate if this is art or collectible, fashion or fad. It will be a catalyst for a lot of money changing hands in a vehicle all can enjoy if you stay within your investment comfort zone. You’ve bought crypto, I don’t have to explain things beyond that. Enjoy and Double Down.

The NFT CHALLENGE described in Video

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