My sales model is a bit different. I am not interested in selling thousands of small prints to the general public. My pricing is for the entirety of the image. You get the copyright and the original RAW file and the JPEGs that you see on the site. I can work with you on the colors or turn it into black and white. We can also highlight or crop. I barely manipulate them so that what you see is what went down so to speak. However, with the RAW file you can change the entire background if you desire for commercial purposes in an advertisement. It’s yours so you could actually sell individual prints if you desire to recapture your investment. As with most discerning collectors, you may just want to know that you have the only image ever created that you purchased. It is entirely yours to do with as you see fit.

          $ contact for individual or group pricing please.

 Call or text me directly in Canada. +1 902 492-4561

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