The Holy Heron aka Fazzaface

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Holy Heron and Crown Prince of Dubai

     Look closely at the wonderful image above. This is a beautiful male tricolor heron in spectacular breeding plumage. It is easy to see where it gets the name. These birds are extremely rare where I live (Nova Scotia, Canada). It has a divine  provenance that I would like to share with you. To start with, the photo was taken on Easter weekend, a significant religious time  for many people around the world.  I've taken hundreds of thousands of photos and this one immediately caught my eye. It took days to reveal how truly exceptional it was. The  image intrigued and baffled my senses. I even printed it which is rare for me. I was showing it to people one night joking that it was Jim Henson's lost Muppet. I just couldn't get enough of this image. We were laughing when  I froze upon the  appearance of another obvious face in the image. A bearded windswept man is clearly visible in the body that I hadn't seen until then. I feel that I had sensed the  presence before actually making the discovery. Whatever your religion, you will see Jesus, perhaps a Prophet or I think, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also known as Fazza. It is undeniable once observed.  Thus the Holy Heron was born on a holiday weekend symbolizing resurrection for Christians. It still gives me shivers remembering the feeling of seeing that face for the first time. 

     I am a photographer. This was taken with a sharp 300mm prime lens and it filled the entire sensor of my camera. This is important when enlarging the photo to gallery sizes. It is as unique a pose as you will ever see in the animal world. At almost 18mb in size, it is well suited to be blown up into a showstopping, one of a kind image for the collector who appreciates such exceptionality. Shooting from about 15 feet away in the mist at  f4.5 with a 300mm lens, the depth of field is about 2 inches. 

     Below is a highlighted area of where the face is. When you see it, it becomes obvious and draws your attention constantly. Take a step back from your computer until some of the feather details start to obscure and the face comes into focus. The recognition of this amazing image goes well beyond photography. For the sake of absolute clarity, this is a natural photo of a wild bird in the wild, not a Photoshop concoction. There has been slight color and crop changes only to make it more accurate to the actual event. There is a video below to show how little has to be done to a photo when you start with a great RAW image. High priced  photography will always have critics. Some photos are claimed  to be unauthentic, posed, or photoshop creations. Or perhaps you just don't get the hype from Andreas Gursky's Rhein II. It's not for me to say. I can tell you that this photo is beyond reproach for its authenticity and breathtaking wonder. That usually means appreciation in value over time.

     I will accept 7 figure offers for this single photograph throughout 2020 so that a collector can enjoy the opportunity to have this image exclusively. We can print on any medium preferred. If it hasn't sold, I will make 995 copies starting at $2000 USD and increasing every 50 sold to a maximum of $20,000 USD so  one has an incentive to purchase early. Successful buyers will be able to choose 2 other Holy Heron pictures from the Gallery below to have a collection. 

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Other Pictures of The Holy Heron

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